Keyboard Models

Keyboard Models

Hi there! If you are new to the world of mechanical keyboard, you might be bewildered by the seemingly overwhelming number of options. Here you can find information on several mechanical keyboards that are used in our listing pictures.

96% Layout


Keyboard link: Amazon | IQUNIX

Compact layout with numpad included. Solid build with aluminum bodies. Costar stabilizers are a bit cumbersome to handle when switching keycaps.

75% Layout 


Keydous NJ80
Keyboard link: Amazon | Keydous

All-around balanced keyboard with a great out-of-box typing experience. Multiple options for plates for different sound preferences. The newer model NJ81 comes with a screen instead of a knob.

Keyboard link: Amazon | Glorious

Well-known option for custom builds. Great build quality and design aesthetic with aluminum bodies. Alternatively, GMMK 2 are pre-build options.

Keyboard link: Amazon | Keychron

Popular choice for day-to-day use. A beginner friendly choice to get into mechanical keyboards. Their Q and V series are also great choices that are more custom build like.

65% Layout 


Keyboard link: Amazon | GAMAKAY

Really cute design with a small size layout. Typing sound can be improved by tape mod.

Drop Alt
Keyboard link: Amazon | Drop

Nice-looking flat shape with side RGB and aluminum body. Does not have wireless options.

Womier K68
Keyboard link: Amazon | Womier

Interesting shape design with flat acrylic stabs. Does not have wireless options.

Keyboard link: Amazon | Keychron

Great choice to get intro to custom build keyboards. Beautiful aluminum body and RGB lights. A bit stiff feel as it is not gasket mounted.    

Keyboard link: Zoom

Great intermediate level custom build choice. Gasket mount with multiple plate choices. This keyboard is group by mode only.


60% Layout


Wooting 60HE
Keyboard link: Wooting

Great choice for gaming. Analog input on every key for the fastest performance and analog movement. Easy customization with software.   

We share the information as we get many customer inquiries about the keyboard bases, and think the information might be helpful for others.
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