Ask ChatGPT about Keyboards and Keycaps

ChatGPT is amazing. It is really a better experience compared to Google search, where one can ask any questions and get humanlike answers, and continued dialog. How does it help us in searching for keyboards and keycaps? I guess many of us are overwhelmed by the terminology thrown around and wanted simple answers to understand whether a certain spec would fit our needs. For example, 
I just asked "What is Cherry Profile" to ChatGPT, and the answer I got was satisfactory:

A cherry profile refers to the shape of the keycaps on a keyboard. Keycaps with a cherry profile have a slight curvature to them, with the top of the keycap being slightly taller in the center and tapering off towards the edges. This is in contrast to keycaps with a flat profile, which are completely flat across the top. Cherry profile keycaps are named after the Cherry MX line of mechanical switches, which are a popular choice for use in mechanical keyboards. The cherry profile is designed to be more comfortable to type on and can help to reduce fatigue over long periods of use.

This is great as the effort is much lower compared to search and the information density is high. Highly recommend asking questions to ChatGPT about keyboards and keycaps!

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