Keycap Set Compatibility

Mechanical Switch
Our keycaps work with Cherry MX switches and alike such as Gateron, TTC, and Kailh. These are common cross and box shape stems. Our keycaps do not fit Topre switches. Currently, we do not have keycaps for low-profile switches.

Keyboard Layout
All our keycap sets fit the ANSI layout, and many fit the ISO and split layouts like Alice. Please refer to the product description for reference and the filter panel also includes layout options.

Keyboard Size
Our keycaps work with common keyboard sizes, including 100%(Full size), 96%, 80%(Tenkeyless), 75%, 65%, 60%, 40%. Due to differences in key placements, some Cherry sets do not have keys in the exact row (for example "del" key in R4). However, in most cases, one can find many choices of novelty/specialty keys to use instead.

Keyboard Brand
Many popular brands can fit without any issues. 
Akko, AnnePro, Das, Ducky, Epomaker, Filco, GMMK, HHKB, IKBC, IQUNIX, Keychron, Redragon, ROCCAT, RK, SteelSeries, Varmilo, Womier, etc.
Problems can occur for keyboards with 6U, 6.5U spacebar layouts from Corsair, Logitech, Razer. We have included key length information for each set, and please verify the spacebar and function key sizes, and also reach out for clarification.