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Taro Deapto

Tile Keycap Set

Tile Keycap Set

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All shades of gray in tiles. A rebellious design finds the harmony between order and chaos. Your keyboard will never look boring ever.

πŸ“¦ Product Content
β—‡ Keycap set (142 keys, key puller included)
β—‡ Keyboard NOT included
βš™οΈ Spec
β—‡ Language: English
β—‡ Layout: ANSI
β—‡ Profile: Cherry (sculptured, low-height)
β—‡ Material: PBT, dye-sub printed
β—‡Β Mac friendly legends

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Key Variants

β—‡ Shift(5, R1): 1U, 1.75U, 2U, 2.25U, 2.75U
β—‡ Control/Alt(4 each, R1): 1U, 1.25U(2), 1.5U
β—‡ Win(4, R1): 1U(2), 1.25U(2)
β—‡ Fn(2, R1): 1U, 1.25U
β—‡ Delete/End(3): 1U(R1, R3, R4)
β—‡ Home(3): 1U(R2, R3, R4)
β—‡ PgUp(3): 1U(R2, R3, R4)
β—‡ PgDn(3): 1U(R1, R2, R3)
β—‡ Space(2): 6.25U(2 styles)
β—‡ Capslock(2): 1.75U(flat, center stem), 1.75U(stepped, left stem)
β—‡ Mac Command(3, R1): 1U, 1.25U(2)
β—‡ Mac Option(3, R1): 1U, 1.25U(2)

Compatibility Questions

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Customer Reviews

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Perry L.
Item came exactly as described and feels i...

Item came exactly as described and feels incredibly premium, also came far earlier than expected.